I've tried to follow this advice from @_svs_ on cadence checks since Jan/Feb. This works amazingly well if you can process information mentally quickly.

Things which I tried+their outcome:

1- Scaled up an IC massively by defining the project by only 2 metrics. We measured the performance 1x a month

2- Asking team to do weekly deep dives on engineering, ML, data trade offs they've made

- This has seen some resistance on how frequently this should be done, but that is tunable

3- Hiring: Maintaining a steady source of new candidates - this didn't go well, but that is okay, since I'm the only person working on this full time (no HR/Recruiter help)

4- Dev Releases: Encouraging devs to make releases on a predictable 2 week cadence, which enables everyone to plan their PR, hiring time, study time much better -- mixed success so far, scoping things to 2 week cadence is hard for some devs

5- Data Processes: Weekly cadence check helped org scale this 4x, during the pandemic, which completely fell apart when we all went WFH

What I noticed/learnt along the way:

1- Frequency of check is quite important, higher frequency e.g. weekly work best

2- Repeatable simple checks, are great for monitoring, but not for raising the bar. They can happen with this, but I've not been personally able to do so yet. Most bar raising work happens in ad hoc cycles right now

3- Needs some time (min. 2-3 months) to make the cadence check work, don't abandon during early failures/mistakes

I hope this comment helps readers get more examples on why this advice is so effective and efficient at the same time!

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Amazingly insightful. Will follow the tips :)

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Insightful as always! 💕

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